[Shortmovie] The 5th Floor

The 5th Floor _ Tầng năm lộng gió

phim ma

A Group 4 Entertainment movie.

This is a horror movie from my class. Our class include 4 groups and we are group 4. We usually hold weekly activities in Monday mornings in turn.

It was our turn on Halloween Day and our teacher, Mrs.Thuong wanted us to do something special for our class. So we made a short movie. The movie was about a girl who hadn’t been accepted by her boyfriend’s mom. She ended up by hanging herself. Then her boyfriend had a new girl, her soul returned to revenge …

The movie was recorded in one week and the film crew including 8 members tried their best to finish the movie.

Maybe the movie is not so good but we worked with all our hearts. Please don’t say something excessive about the movie. Hope u enjoy it.



Hoa as Old girlfriend/ghost

Minh as Boyfriend

Minh Anh as New girlfriend

Binh as Boyfriend’s mom

Ngoc as Sorceress

Chi(me) as Sorceress’ apprentice

Director: Binh/Chi/Trang/Ngoc 

Camera operator: Le

Sound anh effects: Chi/Binh


Movie scene anh behind the scene

        phim hoan chinh[05-23-05]

We used cherry syrup to make it look like blood

phim hoan chinh[05-02-37]

phim hoan chinh[05-02-54]

Her smile made me lose sleep for some days

phim hoan chinh[05-03-29]

Funny, they was using cookers to fight

phim hoan chinh[05-04-18]

Binh played this role pretty well

phim hoan chinh[05-05-20]

phim hoan chinh[05-05-49] phim hoan chinh[05-06-04]

Hoa was sitting on the table and waving her feet

phim hoan chinh[05-06-22]

They look happy, right?

phim hoan chinh[05-06-37]

The ghost, scary!

phim hoan chinh[05-07-24]

Recorded in the WC

phim hoan chinh[05-07-40]

phim hoan chinh[05-07-57] phim hoan chinh[05-08-19]

phim hoan chinh[05-08-35]

Who wear glasses to hang herself?

phim hoan chinh[05-09-07]

Tomato ketchup

phim hoan chinh[05-09-43]

Me, showing the actor how to fight

phim hoan chinh[05-10-08]

Ghost has to be pretty???!!!

phim hoan chinh[05-18-20]

How studious!

phim hoan chinh[05-19-01] phim hoan chinh[05-19-09] phim hoan chinh[05-19-25] phim hoan chinh[05-19-38]

So random!

phim hoan chinh[05-19-54] phim hoan chinh[05-20-02] phim hoan chinh[05-20-24] phim hoan chinh[05-21-11] phim hoan chinh[05-21-33] phim hoan chinh[05-21-48]

Cursed ^.^

phim hoan chinh[05-22-14] phim hoan chinh[05-22-22] phim hoan chinh[05-22-28] phim hoan chinh[05-22-52]

Was she creaming? No, she was laghing at the ghost.



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